Jiffy 7 Coir Blocks

Birds Eye Chilli Plant (piri piri) in a Jiffy Block

We use Jiffy 7 Coco Coir blocks for our seedlings. 100% biodegradable, these coconut husk 50mm blocks are used to give our plants the best start. We have used Jiffy coco coir plugs in the past but this season we've gone for the 50mm square blocks which are much bigger than the 35mm plugs, giving the plants more room to grow in the block. The square shape means they stand up better too!

It also means we can also skip the 7cm pot stage and just go straight to the 9cm pot when the seedlings become young plants. 

Coco coir is made from coconut husk, it's 100% sustainable and organic. When we get them they are compressed and we just sink them in water to expand them ready for the seedling. They soak up moisture really well and supply the seedlings with everything they need in the first few weeks of growing. It's a lot better than washing out a load of plug trays every year! 

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