Shipping and Delivery

Chilli plants - before we started using fibre pots ..


We've had quite a few people getting in touch about delivery times, when we ship chilli plants and how long they take to arrive, so here's a bit of information on how and when we post your orders.

    From October each year our chilli plants and tomato plants are available to pre order online. When you pre order chilli plug plants we usually estimate delivery to be mid-late April, depending on the weather and how the plants come on ( a colder winter slows the plants down and we like the severe cold to be past before we start shipping ). 

    If you are ordering young plants in the 9cm pots ( for those who like the plant to be more established ) we generally estimate shipping of these to be early - mid May, again depending on our weather.

    Tomato plants we tend to send a couple of weeks later than the chillies, as they are set later but catch up quick.

    We post all our orders via Royal Mail's 1st Class small or medium parcel service, which costs anywhere between £3.50 and £20 depending on the weight of the package, in recycled, recyclable packs which are specially designed for posting plants.

    Orders for young plants which are 3 or more we pack the individual plant containers in recycled cardboard boxes for added security using paper, biodegradable packing tape.

    Once your order is picked and packed we send it to our local post office and email you with confirmation of shipping and the receipt number. Sometimes, emails sent from this shop don't get through or end up in spam, so please check your junk folder for updates on your chilli or tomato plants.

    Usually, the plants take 1 or 2 days to arrive and you can track them using Royal Mails track and trace service to see if they are delivered.

    If you are in the local Chesterfield area near to us (s40 and s41 postcodes), we'll deliver by hand, so delivery is free.

    So if you have placed an order and haven't yet received your plants, it's probably because it's too early! Happy Growing!