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Biquinho (Pearl) Chilli Plant

Biquinho (Pearl) Chilli Plant

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Capsicum chinense

Biquinho is a very popular, very sweet chilli pepper that is so mild it can be eaten whole off the bush.

Biquinho or Pearl chillies are small, unusually shaped 'beaked' fruits, ideal for sauces and salads, with fruity, aromatic flavours and a mild heat. We had some on a salad last year and they were delicious so much so I asked the chef what they were so I could grow my own :)

The fruits are a beautiful, teardrop-shape, around 1.2 x 2.0cm in size. They start pale green and ripen to a stunning bright red.  Add a wonderful fruity flavour and a crunchy texture, and you have the perfect snack for eating out-of-hand. It is a tidy, bushy plant which is neat and generally well behaved. They can be grown in 1-2 litre pots although they do better in larger pots or tubs.

The fruits are great in salads and stews. Thrown in whole, they can act as an intense “flavour bomb”! And if you like preserving produce, you can pickle these chillies whole for using all-year-round.

Of Brazilian origin, this chilli is known by several names. Most common names are “Chupetinho” and “Biquinho”, but others include “pimenta de bico” and “chupetinha”.  The fruits are sold in jars as pickled peppers, where they may be called “Pearl” and “Roquito”, depending on the manufacturer.

This red-skinned type is quite a find - much rarer than the standard yellow-skinned type.

Heat Rating : 400 Scoville Units which is super mild. What is a scoville unit?

Plug Plants : Delivery April / May, supplied in 50mm x 50mm x 50mm Jiffy 7 Coco Coir Blocks (which are fully biodegradable and sustainable) ready for potting on ( just put the whole block straight into the pot ).

Young Plants : Delivery May / June, supplied in a 9cm fibre biodegradable pot, (still in it's 50mm square Jiffy block), more expensive but we will look after them for longer for you and the plant will be much larger, ready for it's grow bag or container.

Please Note: Delivery of chilli plants is usually from mid April onwards for plug plants and mid May for young plants depending on the weather. We will notify you by email when we ship your order.

Fruits in approx 70 - 90 days from potting on.

Best placed in a sunny spot, sheltered from cold wind.

Feed once a week with Chilli Focus or tomato feed.

Happy Growing!

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