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Scotch Bonnet Chilli Plant

Scotch Bonnet Chilli Plant

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The hugely popular Scotch Bonnet is used extensively throughout the Caribbean. The flavour is similar to other 'Habanero-type' chillies. The fruits are used to make hot sauces throughout the Caribbean. And the fresh fruits are often left to simmer as whole fruits in stews, soups and broths. This allows the fruit to release its rich fruity aroma without too much heat. The name 'Scotch Bonnet' comes from its resemblance to a Tam o'shanter hat.

There is a lot of confusion and misinformation around Scotch Bonnets. They are often purported to have a shape similar to a Bishop's Crown Chilli or a Jamaican Mushroom. While the name Scotch Bonnet suggests that it is similar to a Bishop's Crown, it has a completely different heat profile than the much milder Bishop's Crown. It has a heat level similar to a Jamaican Mushroom which can be either yellow or red. Additionally, Scotch Bonnets are Capsicum Chinense whereas Bishop's Crown are Capsicum Baccatum.

There has been intense cross-breeding of Scotch Bonnets over the years such that there is a wide variety of shapes and sizes and possibly no true original archetypical Scotch Bonnet. In fact, across the Caribbean where this chilli grows naturally, there are an almost infinite number of hybrids due to intentional cross-breeding and natural hybridization. We believe that this variety we have in stock is representative of the characteristics of what you'd expect from a good Scotch Bonnet chilli in terms of flavour profile and heat level. 

When well looked after, this plant will grow to a metre tall and should be supported

Heat Rating : 200,000 Scoville Units. What is a scoville unit?

Fruits in approx 120 days from potting on

Best placed on a sunny windowsill, ideally a greenhouse, sheltered from cold wind.

Feed once a week with Chilli Focus or tomato feed.

Plug Plants: Delivery April / May, supplied in 50mm x 50mm x 50mm Jiffy 7 Coco Coir Blocks (which are fully biodegradable and sustainable) ready for potting on ( just put the whole block straight into the pot ).

Young Plants: Delivery May / June, supplied in a 9cm fibre biodegradable pot, (still in its 50mm square Jiffy block), more expensive but we will look after them for longer for you and the plant will be much larger, ready for its grow bag or container.

Please Note: Delivery of chilli plants is usually from mid-April onwards for plug plants and mid-May for young plants depending on the weather. We will notify you by email when we ship your order.

Happy Growing!

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Michael Dumville
Nice chili

Great plants quickly established in new surroundings growing well